Telepone Panasonic KX-TS505 Analog

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Feature Produk :
– 5-Color Choise (White, Blue, Grey,Black,Red)
– Last Number Redial (calls the last number dialed each time the redial button is pressed)
– Electronic Handset Volume Control (6-Step)
– Flash (for Hook, or use with special telephone company services, such as call waiting)
– 3-Step Ringer Selector (Off/Low/High)
– Switchable Tone/Pulse Settings (for compatibility with tone-actuated computer systems from any phone line)
– Wall Mountable (the unit can be mounted on a wall, flexibility placement)
– Line Number : 1
– One-Touch Redial
– One-Touch Switching
– Desk/Wall Mountable
– Volume (Level) : 6
– Garansi 1 Tahun Resmi


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